Kritika Prakash

I am an MS by Research student at Machine Learning Lab, IIIT Hyderabad, under the guidance of Dr. Praveen Paruchuri and Dr. Sujit Gujar.

I work on problems in game theory, differential privacy and machine learning. I make use of reinforcement learning to develop trading algorithms for energy markets. I also work on creating differentially private versions of machine learning algorithms. I recently completed my B.Tech with Honours in CSE from IIIT Hyderabad. In my free time, I enjoy painting.

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Here are the links to my art work on Instagram, my technical blog on Medium and my music on YouTube.


Teaching Assistant, IIIT-H (2017 - present)
Worked as a Teaching Assistant for the courses listed below. The duties involved taking regular tutorials, conducting tournaments, paper corrections, creating assignments and conducting project evaluations for:
1. Database Systems: Dr. Kamalakar Karlapalem (Monsoon 2017)
2. Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Praveen Paruchuri (Spring 2018)
3. Machine Learning: Dr. Anoop Namboodiri (Monsoon 2018)
4. Optimization Methods: Dr. C V Jawahar (Spring 2020)


Mentor, OpenMined (present)
Mentor and contributor in the open-source privacy preserving ML library - PySyft as a part of OpenMined.


Research Intern, TCS Research & Innovation Labs, Hyderabad (May - July, 2019)
Developed algorithms for making an autonomous smart broker agent for power trading in smart grids using Java.


Machine Learning Intern, Microsoft, Bangalore (May - July, 2016)
Created a Probabilistic Resume Classification and Visualization Model for Candidate Selection using R and Azure.


I am interested in Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Differential Privacy, Game Theory and Multi Agent Systems. I have solved problems in the domains Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning, Automated Negotiation, Periodic Double Auctions for Energy Trading and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning.

I have a keen interest in Computer Vision, Graph Theory and Blockchains. You can find a detailed list of all my research and course projects HERE. The following are some of my research projects:


VidyutVanika: An Autonomous Broker Agent for Smart Grid Environment

S. Ghosh, K. Prakash, S. Chandlekar, E. Subramanian, S. Bhat, S. Gujar and P. Paruchuri - IIIT-H & TCS Research, Policy, Awareness, Sustainability and Systems (PASS) Workshop 2019, Cologne, Germany

Built algorithms for an autonomous smart broker agent for power trading in smart grids in a simulated environment, given consumer and wholesale markets, customers and power generating companies. The agent took part in the international Power Trading Agent Competition (PowerTAC) in 2018 & 2019, and will be taking part in 2020.


Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (Ongoing)
[survey paper]

Guides: Dr. Sujit Gujar and Dr. Naresh Manwani

Creating Differentially Private mechanisms to tackle the problem of lack of privacy of data sources in Machine Learning algorithms, with focus on Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Spectral Clustering.


[Pre-print] PredictRV : A Prediction Based Strategy for Negotiations with Dynamically Changing RV

Aditya Srinivas, Kritika Prakash, Praveen Paruchuri

Created the recurrent neural networks (LSTM) based Reservation Value prediction approach for time series forecasting in an automated negotiation, along with multiple methods and metrics of evaluation. Extended the work to the case of multi-party negotiations.


Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning for Cooperation

Guide: Praveen Paruchuri

Developed scalable algorithms and strategies for cooperation in multi-agent systems using the principles of reinforcement learning.


NTSE (National Talent Search) Scholar, 2010
[Times of India newspaper interview]
Secured a national rank of 23 out of 1,000,000 participants. NTSE tests for mental and scholastic aptitude in math, sciences and social sciences.

Dean's Distinction List Awardee (five times), 2017 - 2019
Academic performance in the top 5% of my batch for five semesters from 2017 to 2019. Obtained the Dean's Distinction List award for the same.

Flipkart Grid ML Quiz Winner, 2018
Ranked third in the National Flipkart Machine Learning Quiz Challenge out of 19,000 participants from top Indian universities.

Best Sportsperson, Table Tennis Women, IIIT Hyderabad, 2018
Awarded for best overall performance in inter-batch table tennis competitions.


Organizer: CoDS-COMAD Conference 2020, ISB, IIIT Hyderabad
Organized the CoDS-COMAD Conference on Data Science & Management, 2020 at ISB Hyderabad.

Reviewer, AAMAS 2020
Reviewed a paper submitted to AAMAS 2020 (COIN track).

Poster Presentation: R&D Showcase 2019, IIIT Hyderabad
Presented my poster "VidyutVanika: An RL and Game Theory based Broker for Power Trading" as a part of the Machine Learning Lab (MLL) at the 2019 R&D Showcase.

Organizer: Summer School on Privacy & Security in Online Social Networks 2017, Precog @ IIIT Delhi
Organized the summer school on Privacy & Security in Online Social Networks 2017 at IIIT Hyderabad, along with Dr. PK @ Precog research group, IIIT Delhi.

Core: Literary Club, IIITD&M,K (2015-2016)
Organised literary events and workshops as a part of the Culturals Committee at IIITD&M,K.

Class Representative: IIITD&M,K (2014-2016)
Represented the CS department for my batch concerning all academic matters, such as discussions with faculty and administration, at IIITD&M,K.

ACM Summer School on Cybersecurity and Data Analytics, IIIT Delhi, 2019
Attended the 10 day long summer school on cybersecurity, privacy and data analytics at IIIT Delhi.

Summer School on Research in Computer Science, IISc Bangalore, 2018
Attended the Department of Computer Science & Automation's (CSA) summer school on research in computer science at Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay, 2016
Attended the Industrial Design Centre's (IDC) workshop on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) by IIT Bombay.

Workshop on Augmented Reality & Multi-Touch Technology by SenseFil Microsoft, 2016
Attended Microsoft's workshop on augmented reality and multi-touch using Kinect 360 at IIITD&M,K.


Leader: Lean In Chapter, IIIT Hyderabad (2018)
Mentoring women techmakers to reach their highest potential, with focus on leadership, open source, academia, industry and entrepreneurship.

Applied to Google Venkat Scholarship, 2019
Made it till the final round.

Applied to Adobe Women-in-Tech Scholarship, 2018
Finally did not qualify.

Tutor, Aham Learning Hub, Hyderabad (2017)
Taught a few classes of physics & mathematics to students of classes 10th to 12th for International board curriculum (IGCSE & IB).


International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
B.Tech (Honors) + MS by Research in Computer Science & Engineering (2016-2020)

Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing,K
B.Tech (Honors) in Computer Science & Engineering (2014-2016, Transferred to IIIT-H via Lateral Entry)

Narayana PU College, Bangalore
Senior Secondary, Sciences + Computer Science (State Board, 2012-2014)

Delhi Public School East, Bangalore
Secondary, Sciences + Computer Science (CBSE, 2010-2012)

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